Month to Month Rental Agreement:

Month to Month Rental Agreement:

Name all other persons who will occupy the premises.
List all vehicles, recreational vehicles to be parked in your RV space. Parking is limited to 2 (two) vehicles and 1 (one) recreational vehicle.

This is a month to month lease. All lot rent fees are due in full upon reservation and are non-refundable for any reason. Any applicant moving in after the 10 th of the month may be eligible for a daily pro-rated fee for the remainder of the current month.

RV Park Rules and Guidelines:

  • The only RV, vehicles and occupants allowed to stay at the site are those listed in agreement. You must notify park of any changes immediately.

  • Pets – Inside pets are allowed and need to be on a leash at all times when not inside of your RV. Please make sure your pets are not a nuisance to anyone and you must clean up after your pet.

  • It is your responsibility to maintain your area at all times and keep it clean. Service charges will apply to any site that has to be cleaned while you occupy the space.

  • It is your responsibility to maintain and keep insurance on your RV, vehicles, recreational vehicles and personal property. Park is not responsible for loss or damage to any property due to theft, vandalism, fire, any casualty or act of God.

  • Entry Upon Resident’s Space: The park shall have a right of entry upon the space for maintenance of utilities, maintenance of premises if the occupant fails to do so, and the protection of the park at any reasonable time.

  • Speed limits in the park are not to exceed 10 mph.

  • Park maintains the right to cancel this agreement at any time.

  • Trash dumpsters are located behind the store at the intersection of Hwy 56 and Hwy 23. (Turn right on to Hwy 56, go ½ mile up to the In and Out store on the left. Turn into the store and pull behind the store.)

  • Monthly rent is due on the 1 st (first) of each month. A late charge may be assessed in the amount of $ 10 (ten) per day whenever rent is paid more than 5 (five) days after it is due.

  • Utilities: Utilities included in the rent are: Electrical, water and sewage.

  • Laundry facilities are available on site for our park residents. You are responsible for your items while in the laundry facility. There are many guest that may need to use the facilities so please do not leave items in washer and dryer for long periods of time unattended. Please keep laundry facilities clean and orderly.

  • Please respect other residents and guest. No loud music or noises that may disrupt other residents.
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